Managing Conflict Re: Broker-Provided Trading Systems

Courtesy of AdvancedTrading Contributor Phillipe Buhannic Editor Note: This article is endorsed by MarketsMuse sponsor OMEX Systems, Inc. Buy-side clients need to understand that when they trade on a broker-sponsored platform, they are paying for these systems, whether that payment comes in the form of commissions, licenses, or widened spread.…Read More

17 July, 2013

Nasdaq OMX Plan: Convert PSX Exchange to ETF Exchange

Courtesy of Tom-Steinert-Threkeld Nasdaq OMX Group plans to re-launch its PSX exchange as a "better trading venue" for exchange-traded funds, notes and other related products, as early as next month. The exchange will execute trades in all National Market System securities, but will give special incentives to retail and institutional investors to…Read More

12 March, 2013

Vanguard’s CIO Gus Sauter: Agency Execution is our Preference

  Courtesy of  Gregory Bresiger.. Excerpts from Part 3 of a series of interviews with Vanguard Chief Investment Officer Gus Sauter How does Vanguard Funds,' famous for Fred Mertz like trading economy, go about finding the lowest possible costs? The process is detailed in Part Three of Traders Magazine's Q&A…Read More

10 October, 2012

Options Trading is Not Dead, Institutions Ramping Up

Courtesy of TABB Forum Options trading volumes may be down across the industry but the buy side continues to remain captivated by the potential of using options. TABB Group expects options volume to decline by as much as 10 percent in 2012, yet a combination of greater buy-side adoption and…Read More

3 August, 2012

How NOT to Execute Your ETF Block Order..Best Ex…

Editor note: For those who didn't get the"Best Ex Meets Worst Ex" memo,  Ugo Egbunike from IndexUniverse spotlighted a block trade in QAI this past Monday that was apparently mangled by the executing broker, illustrating once again that ETFs are NOT stocks, and real best execution requires guidance from a…Read More

12 July, 2012

ISE Lifts a Leg: Plans to Introduce Yet Another…

The International Securities Exchange (ISE), the venue that bills itself as the first all-electronics options exchange in the United States will open a second by year’s end. The company has has filed a Form 1 application for a second exchange license with the Securities and Exchange Commission. No details about…Read More

5 July, 2012

SBA Bailout Funds Going to Firms on FBI Watchlist

According to the front page story appearing in the New York Times April 26 edition, hundreds of millions of dollars intended by the US Treasury to assist small businesses impacted by CIVID-19 via the Paycheck Protection Program have been siphoned off by public companies, private equity-backed companies. What a surprise,…Read More

27 April, 2020
andrew katz-matthew fraud Fraud; So-Called Crypto Trading Firm Makes Investor Money…

(Source: ) Andrew R. Katz, aka Ross Katz,  an Arvada, Colorado man who currently resides in New York City and uses California, Colorado, Florida and New York drivers licenses and claims to be a former FX trader for EFG Bank, who now presents himself as co-founder of, a"digital…Read More

24 October, 2019

SEC Subpoena Smackdown: ICO Issuers & Enablers Get Pinned

An SEC subpoena is not exactly what any Issuer (or stock promoter) puts on the top of their birthday wish list. And, for crypto cool kids who are either already a member of the ICO Issuers Club, or who have applied to become part of the dapper dapp crowd that…Read More

2 March, 2018

Memo to Asset Managers : Get on the Blockchain…

Asset Management Industry is Notorious for Waste: Its About Blockchain, You Blockheads. NOT Bitcoin, Blockchain Dapps Can Mitigate Risk of “Death By Drop Copy” Any asset manager in today's world who has more than $500 of AUM does not need to be fluent in the language of fintech, blocktech or…Read More

27 February, 2018

What’s Next? A GOP-Friendly ETF That Tracks Corporate Friends…

GOP-friendly ETF Set to List on BATS BZX; Exchange-Traded Fund with ticker MAGA Will Buy Companies Supportive of Republican Party Agenda We can't make this sh*t up..Just when MarketsMuse curators thought we'd seen and heard it all when it comes to new-fangled ETF products, along comes an exchange-traded fund construct…Read More

5 September, 2017

What’s Next? Trump WH Aims to Make Cuba Pay…

Trump’s treasury team says Cuba's Vicana Sugar Company assets, including 60,000 acres of land and 48 miles of railroad belong to US investors. Ole to Compania Azucarera Vicana! Courtesy of a Trump White House that has more leaks than a rusty old pipe, sources “not authorized to speak on the…Read More

25 May, 2017

Institutional Investor 2017 Top 40 Trading Tech Top Guns

And The Winner Is….Institutional Investor Presents 2017 Top 40 Trading Tech Top Guns Who says trading technology wonks are under-appreciated within the context of recognition by industry followers? Certainly not MarketsMuse fintech curators, and definitely not Institutional Investor Magazine, which brings us their annual ranking of the top trading technologists…Read More

9 March, 2017

Finance Industry Vet Behind Non-Profit Borders.Org

Business Plans Without Borders aka is a novel non-profit intended to provide wind in the sail for startups launched by immigrants, refugees and under-served inner-city entrepreneurs.  Created by long-time finance industry veteran Paul Azous, the altruistic initiative defies current political in-sensibilities and embraces the simple notion that small businesses…Read More

24 February, 2017

ETF Funds and Folks Nominated for 2016 Best Of…

The 2016 BEST ETF funds and People in the ETF industry...Each year, and Inside ETFs orchestrate a list of Best Of-the top ETF funds and ETF industry players who have made the greatest positive impact on the industry and investors in exchange-traded funds. The nomination process and voting process…Read More

18 January, 2017

Fintech, Fixed Income Trading & Fragmentation-Now a Private Placement…

Fintech Fixed Income Trading & Fragmentation-What's Next? A Venue for Private Placement Bonds & MTNs Despite the seeming oversupply of electronic bond trading initiatives, the convergence of fintech and fixed income trading continues to spawn new electronic trading start-ups, bringing the total industry count to 128 venues.  The latest player,…Read More

12 January, 2017

Asia FinTech Funding Initiative 2x That of US and…

Latest Chinese Fintech FOF Completes Raise of 10-billion-yuan (US $1.8b) as Asia fintech funding continues to eclipse North America and EU allocation to financial technology initiatives.. ( 28 December 2016- In a move to advance China as a financial and technology hub, Asia FinTech FOF, a foundation that aims to…Read More

28 December, 2016

2016 Top Fintech Financiers According to Institutional Investor

Identifying the top fintech financiers is no easy task these days. It seems like only yesterday when MarketsMuse curators were among the first to advance the phrase "fintech" in the course of profiling startups seeking to disrupt the financial services sect, many of which have been led by sell-side veterans who…Read More

16 November, 2016