Plato’s Exec Retreat-A Blow to European Dark Pool Project?

(Bloomberg) via (TradersMagazine) MarketsMuse Fintech team notes that Deutsche Bank AG’s Stephen McGoldrick, who was leading a consortium of banks and asset managers in developing a new European dark pool for stocks, has decided to leave the project. McGoldrick will return to his role as director of market structure at Deutsche…Read More

14 October, 2015

BATS Exchange Goes Bats Again;Pay For Orders, Now Pay…

MarketsMuse ETF Curators debated on the title to this story, and first suggested the headline "Has BATS Gone Bats?!" While market structure experts continue to debate the topic of pay-to-play, i.e. payment for order flow schemes, BATS Global Markets, the youngest and arguably, now one of the largest electronic exchanges…Read More

1 October, 2015

LiquidNet: Make Corporate Bond Trading More Liquid [For Buyside…

Many fixed income folks are lamenting about liquidity in the corporate bond market. LiquidNet, the institutional trading platform is determined to make corporate bond trading more liquid..for the buyside. Just when you thought e-bond trading for corporate bonds was a never ending pipe dream... Liquidnet Launches Fixed Income Dark Pool…Read More

30 September, 2015

Rule 48, ETF Dislocation: BATS CEO Says “No Humans…

When ETFs were first launched in 1993, the 'framers' might not have fully appreciated what would happen to the respective ETF cash index in the event of a lopsided market opening when the underlying constituents had not yet opened for trading, despite the easy recall of October 1987.. Since that…Read More

7 September, 2015

BrokerDealer Exchange Rebates: BuySide Not Happy

On the heels of the recent NYSE ‘outage’, which actually had little impact on overall equities trading volume, but did lead to volume spikes away from the NYSE and at competing exchanges across the fragmented marketplace, the volume also increased with regard to spirited discussions about market structure. And, whenever…Read More

17 July, 2015

Crude Oil-This Global Macro Trading Expert Says This About…

MarketsMuse Global Macro Trading dept. merges with our ETF dept. to provide the following excerpt profiling a compelling and conservative Crude Oil-centric strategy courtesy of global macro think tank Rareview Macro LLC. The following was posted to subscribers of “Sight Beyond Sight” on Wednesday, May 27. Irrespective of subsequent three…Read More

1 June, 2015

Fixed Income FinTech Chapter 14: More e-Trading Platforms for…

The US Government Bond Market is set to explode...with more e-trading systems.. MarketsMuse Tech Talk continues its curating of fintech stories from the world of fixed income and today's update is courtesy of WSJ's Katy Burne, who does a superb job (as always) in summarizing the latest assortment of US…Read More

8 May, 2015

What’s Next? Another Dark Pool: LSE Jumps In via… Tech Talk update profiles the latest news flash for FinTech wonks: Whilst the securities industry landscape continues to debate the "dark pool vs. lit market" topic, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) is taking a chapter from the behometh brokerdealer universe with their own scheme to introduce a dark pool,…Read More

6 May, 2015

Add One More Options Exchange To Your Menu-Its About…

MarketsMuse options market update courtesy of extract from our friends at MarketsMedia LLC and their profile of yet another proposed options exchange with yet another “rebate” scheme intended to capture market share in the very competitive world of order routing. International Securities Exchange will have its ISE Mercury exchange ready…Read More

5 March, 2015

Interest in Buyside-Only Equity Trading Platforms Gains Traction..Again..

MarketsMuse update courtesy of extract from Pension & Investments Feb 23 edition, with story reported by Sophie Baker …MM Editor Note: The notion of buyside-only electronic trading venues for institutional equities (i.e. block trading) is not a new one. Graybeards who have been around for more than 15 minutes will…Read More

24 February, 2015
bond trading platform, RVQB

Fixed Income Trading Technology Part 5-RVQB Throws Hat in…

MarketMuse update courtesy of repurpose from, originally from Traders Magazine, one of the sell-side’s  top publications. Quantitative Brokers and RiskVal have formed a partnership to create and deliver a fixed income trading platform, called RVQB. The new sellside bond trading platform "combines powerful real-time analytics with seamless access to QB algorithms for…Read More

29 January, 2015

Corporate Bond ETFs: Trading Underlying Issues Is Not So…

Greenwich Associates study reveals difficulty in executing corporate bond trades; Transparency and Liquidity are Lacking MarketsMuse update courtesy of extract from Jan 23 Wall Street Letter, followed by our own comments (thanks to our Exec Editor’s providing more than average knowledge of corporate bond trading and the assortment of electronic…Read More

24 January, 2015

WisdomTree Case Study: ETF Best Execution

MarketsMuse editor note: The following post, extracted from Jan 6 submission to is best described as an advertorial courtesy of WisdomTree Investments, one of the ETF industry’s leading Issuers. While readers of MarketsMuse might be inclined to muse “[This ‘case study’ is] Elementary, my dear Watson, totally elementary!,” MarketsMuse…Read More

7 January, 2015

Broker-Neutral Trading Technology Firm Offers New Suite of Sweet…

Below extract courtesy of Wall Street Letter, as reported by WSL staff columnist Sean Creamer OMEX Systems, a provider of web-based, broker-neutral and FIX-compliant front, middle, and back office platforms for broker-dealers and buyside firms, will craft a direct market access offering to aid broker-dealers in choosing algo providers, according…Read More

6 August, 2014

Wall St Execs Do The Flip-Flop While Being Grilled…

Conflict of Interest is Of Interest to Senate Panel Members "just learning about" industry-rampant Payment For Order Flow Schemes . Market Structure To Be Re-Structured? Excerpts below courtesy of The Wall Street Letter's on the spot coverage of the U.S. Senate investigation of Wall Street's affection for high-frequency trading aka…Read More

17 June, 2014

Finally: Debate re High-Frequency Trading Includes A Tangible Solution

Excerpt courtesy of TABB Forums April 21 submission by Chris Sparrow, CEO of "Market Data Authority" a consultancy that provides guidance within the areas of equities market structure, transaction cost analysis and "best execution." MarketsMuse Editor note:  below snippet is a good preview to the most recent "short-form white paper"…Read More

23 April, 2014

Flash Boys Fight Over High Frequency: Op-Ed

MarketsMuse Editor Note: Having close on 3 decades "habitating" within the financial industry's sell-side, this greybeard former trader turned opinionator and postulator is certainly fascinated by the spirited debate over "high-frequency trading", not only because most of those arguing for and/or against HFT can only selectively point to lop-sided studies…Read More

4 April, 2014

Industry Titan Takes Exception to Maker-Taker

(Bloomberg) -- Regulators could stem the migration of U.S. equity trading to dark pools by coordinating a cut in trading fees, an action exchanges are unlikely to take on their own, according to one of the biggest high-frequency firms. Most exchanges are charging traders too much -- 30 cents per…Read More

2 January, 2014