New Normal: Big Institutions Looking To ETFs Over Bonds

MarketsMuse ETF and Fixed Income departments merge to profile trend on part of fixed-income focused hedge funds and institutional fund managers to use ETFs to express their bets on corporate bonds. This MarketsMuse blog update is courtesy of Bloomberg's Lisa Abramowicz and her article, "A $200 Million Hedge-Fund Trade in Your…Read More

18 May, 2015

Corporate Bond ETFs for Single Issuers??

MarketsMuse ETF and Fixed Income departments merge and gives credit to Morgan Stanley as they raise their own ETF flag with an innovative idea to package a single corporate bond issuer’s debt into one neat package so that ETF investors can express their bets on the issuer’s outstanding credit… Here’s…Read More

15 May, 2015

e-Bond Trading Chapter 15: Bloomberg & State Street Join…

MarketsMuse blog update profiles yet another bond trading system. Bloomberg has introduced new bond trading platform, Bloomberg Bond Cross (BBX), which allows market participants to access European bond market liquidity. Participants now have access to the European bond market liquidity thanks to a new partnership between Bloomberg and State Street. This MarketsMuse…Read More

14 May, 2015

Boutique BrokerDealer Pays Homage To Veterans; Memorial Day Pledge…

MarketsMuse update is courtesy of a truly inspiring initiative on the part of Mischler Financial Group, the broker-dealer industry's oldest firm owned and operated by Wall Street vets who are also Service-Disabled Veterans. Mischler Financial Memorial Day Month Pledge: May Profits to Semper Fi Fund For Immediate Release Newport Beach,…Read More

13 May, 2015

Global Macro: Historical Backdrop re Yield Moves: Pre-Mature to…

MarketsMuse Global Macro update is courtesy of extract from a.m. edition of "Sight Beyond Sight", the newsletter published by global macro think tank Rareview Macro LLC and authored by Neil Azous. [caption id="attachment_2349" align="alignleft" width="150"] Neil Azous, Rareview Macro[/caption] In last Thursday’s edition of Sight Beyond Sight we argued that…Read More

12 May, 2015

Fixed Income FinTech Chapter 14: More e-Trading Platforms for…

The US Government Bond Market is set to explode...with more e-trading systems.. MarketsMuse Tech Talk continues its curating of fintech stories from the world of fixed income and today's update is courtesy of WSJ's Katy Burne, who does a superb job (as always) in summarizing the latest assortment of US…Read More

8 May, 2015

Global Macro: Selloff and Noise Level Around European Fixed…

MarketsMuse Global Macro update is courtesy of opening extract from today's a.m. edition of "Sight Beyond Sight", the global macro newsletter published by global-macro think tank Rareview Macro LLC and authored by Neil Azous, Rareview Macro's Founder and Managing Member. [caption id="attachment_2349" align="alignleft" width="150"] Neil Azous, Rareview Macro[/caption] Forgive our…Read More

7 May, 2015

Investors Take a Big Bite Of Apple Inc Debt…

MarketsMuse Fixed Income update profiles Apple Inc latest bond issuance courtesy of late afternoon desk notes distributed to institutional clients of deal co-manager Mischler Financial Group, the financial industry's oldest and arguably largest boutique Finra member firm that is owned and operated by Service-Disabled Veterans. MarketsMuse Editors are compelled to…Read More

6 May, 2015

Corporate eBond Trading Chapter 8: InterDealer Broker GFI Up… Fixed Income & Trading Tech update is without a rating and instead, takes a long view towards this week's announcement from inter-dealer broker GFI Group launch of an electronic service for "dealers only" to trade odd lots of corporate bonds. For those not in the know, "odd-lot" is generally…Read More

5 May, 2015

Which BrokerDealer Does Dare To Be Different re D&I:…

MarketsMuse is known for being both a curator of financial market news as well as a part-time pontificating platform, and yet our altruistic editorial team actually likes to lean towards and forward to our followers select stories that profile the truly compelling "social-sensitive" initiatives spearheaded by Wall Street banks. While…Read More

15 April, 2015

Breaking News: Yet Another Corporate Bond Trading System: Bondcube

Just when you thought the world of electronic bond trading had become saturated, Fixed Income and Trading Tech departments continues coverage of the increasingly popular fixation on the part of entrepreneurs and technology firms, who have set up nearly two dozen new markets to trade corporate debt. In the…Read More

15 April, 2015

Electronic Trading of Corporate Bonds: Not All Rosy as…

TradeWeb's Raazi is out after short stint pitching the merits of electronifying the corporate bond market. has made more than a few mentions about the recent decade’s corporate bond-centric electronic trading platform initiatives and those being spearheaded by the latest generation of altruistic sell-siders, buysiders, and the assortment of…Read More

13 April, 2015

Trading Technology, Fintech and “Fuhget About It!” A Cynic’s…

The senior curator for Tech Talk section was so inspired by a recent article "A Cynic's Guide to Fintech" by Dan Davies, the Senior Research Advisor at Frontline Analysts and published via, we wanted to share the opening elements with our audience..For those of you following the various…Read More

8 April, 2015

Convergence of Credit Markets and GeoPolitics-Its All Greek This… Fixed Income Fix update is courtesy of extract from 06 April commentary from Mischler Financial Group's "Quigley's Corner", Wall Street Letter's 2015 winner of "Best Research-BrokerDealer." How Low Will Greece Go? [caption id="attachment_460" align="alignleft" width="125"] Ron QuigleyMischler Financial[/caption] When one broaches the subject of German war reparations, it opens…Read More

8 April, 2015

Bull Week For High Yield Bonds, Thanks To ETFs

MarketMuse blog update profiles the positive market conditions bringing a good cash flow to high yield bonds, some say both are due to the ETF market. MarketMuse blog update is courtesy of Forbes' article "High Yield Bond Funds See $315M Cash Inflow, Thanks To ETFs" with an excerpt below.  Retail…Read More

3 April, 2015

Finra, Fixed Income and FinTech—Fixing What Folks Keep Saying…

MarketsMuse blog update profiles a proposal from FINRA which proposes pre-trade transparency for fixed income automatic trading systems operators. This update is courtesy of  Traders Magazines' article, "A Step Closer to a Fixed-Income NBBO" with an excerpt from the article below. A modest proposal made by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)…Read More

30 March, 2015

Global Macro Trading Theme: Focus on Fixed Income update provides insight for those who are focused on the global macro approach to a topic that many of the world's leading hedge funds and professional investment managers are fixated on: fixed income. Below thoughts are courtesy of the 27 March a.m. edition of "Sight Beyond Sight", the  investment…Read More

27 March, 2015

Electronifying Corporate Bond Trading Chapter 12: Electronifie merges Fixed Income and FinTech with continuing coverage of the corporate bond market’s effort to evolutionize via electronification with a focus on yet the latest innovator initiative courtesy of Goldman Sachs alumni Amar Kuchinad and his start-up“Electronofie.” Our hats are off in salute to the catchy company name and…Read More

26 March, 2015