SEC Aims To Ban Geared ETFs

The US SEC apparently has its cross-hairs on so-called 'geared ETFs,'  those high-testosterone, levered instruments that incorporate derivatives so as to deliver an advertised 2x or 3x return for certain strategies versus a typical 1:1 correlation provided by plain vanilla exchange-traded funds.  The SEC proposal would effectively ban the use…Read More

12 February, 2016

Only Idiots Use USO ETF to Trade Oil-It Can’t…

For those who are confused as to the near-term, or even longer-term price direction of Oil, even J.R. Ewing would tell you there isn't an oil man in Texas, including Boone Pickens, who can see far beyond the prices posted at the pump. Especially when one gas station in Oklahoma…Read More

11 February, 2016

Junk Bond ETFs-The Liquidity Debate Goes to SEC

MarketsMuse ETF and Fixed Income curators have frequently spotlighted the ongoing debates as to whether corporate bond ETFs, and in particular, junk bond-specific exchange-traded-funds pose special risks. Some argue that a liquidity crisis could unravel the high yield bond sector if/when institutional investors decide that risk of recession continues to…Read More

8 February, 2016

Global Macro Guru Says: Look Out Below

MarketsMuse curators are often most inspired by views expressed by those dedicated to interpreting and positing financial market outlooks via a global macro lens. This 'style' requires a disciplined process and for those who are best in the practice of this dark art, the projections are often prescient. With that,…Read More

8 February, 2016

Professional Investors Are Impaired Says MarketsMuse

Referring to anyone as 'being impaired' is not a compliment. And, in the world of financial market punditry, where at least half of the experts are best at telling their audience what happened during the past 12 hours, while another 45% who position themselves as forecasters are right maybe 50%…Read More

5 February, 2016

TradeWeb Muscles Into ETF Execution Space

Fixed Income trading platform TradeWeb, best known for its dominant role administering OTC government securities trading between global banks and institutional customers is muscling into the world of ETFs. Tradeweb has just launched an electronic over-the-counter marketplace for trading exchange traded funds using a "request-for-quote" aka "RFQ"- based platform that…Read More

3 February, 2016

Global Macro View-Friday’s Stock Rally In Perspective

MarketsMuse curators have canvassed assortment of guru-types who have attempted to decipher Friday's stock rally, along with tuning in to the abundance of Monday morning quarterback views. For those who turn to the cartoon channel (i.e. CNBC), some pundits call it a dead cat bounce, more optimistic professional traders and…Read More

1 February, 2016

Invesco Pushes Canada’s Neo Exchange Into ETF Listing War

(Traders Magazine)- According to the ETF curators at MarketsMuse, "..If you're going to dominate the ETF space, you should own your own exchange.." and with that,  Canada's upstart Aequitas Neo Exchange has landed its first listed exchange traded fund in Canada – from mega money manager Invesco, whose Canada counterpart…Read More

29 January, 2016

Oil-Slippery Slope for Traders and Pundits Alike-Except One..

( Trading oil or simply just talking about where, when and why this commodity will assert a more predictable pricing direction has proven to be a slippery slope for professionals and pundits alike. Expressing views via the actual barrel (WTI) or via an ETF (e.g. USO, BNO etc) has been…Read More

29 January, 2016

NYSE Hold on ETF Business Slipping?

(Bloomberg LP)-NYSE Group Inc. may still be the king of exchange-traded funds among U.S. stock markets, but their hold on the ETF business might be slipping as Issuers, including BlackRock seek other listing venues and challengers to the throne are gaining ground. Last year, a record 23 ETFs left the…Read More

27 January, 2016
wrong way first trade global macro

2016-Global Macro-The Wrong Way First Trade

You don't need to be a MarketsMuse or a global macro guru (or any other type of pundit) to know that professional financial market traders are only as good as their last best trade. In that spirit, we look to the 2016 outlook and spotlight on the Wrong Way First…Read More

3 January, 2016

European ETF Strategy Unraveling

(Bloomberg) -- A European stock trade that deployed the use of ETF products as a means of hedging currency exposure is one that enamored global investors throughout 2015 and drew more money than practically anything else in equities is blowing up in people’s faces. As the moves in the the WisdomTree…Read More

30 December, 2015
cantor fitzgerald finra

Cantor Fitzgerald Gets $7.3mil Spanking From FINRA

( The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has given a $7.3mil spanking to broker Cantor Fitzgerald  consisting of a $6 million fine and an order to pay $1.3 million for commissions, plus interest, it received from selling billions of unregistered microcap shares in violation of federal law in 2011 and…Read More

22 December, 2015
BOJ ETF plan

BOJ ¥300 Billion Plan to Buy Nonexistent ETFs

BOJ ¥300bil plan to support "companies investing in physical and human capital" via high cap-ex indices is missing one ingredient: the high cap-ex ETF investment vehicles. (Bloomberg) by Yuko Takeo-Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda has a new plan. He’s going to buy ¥300 billion ($2.5 billion) of something that…Read More

21 December, 2015
european etf

European ETFs Displace Futures Products

(MarketsMedia) European ETFs and ETPs have gathered record net new assets in the first 11 months of this year, in many cases using as a displace to futures products. ETF Issuer BlackRock expects the size of Europe's exchange-traded product market to double over the next three to four years. ETFs/ETPs listed…Read More

14 December, 2015
leveraged ETFs

The Big Short: Leveraged ETFs, By David Miller

The Big Short is coming to a theater near you soon, but the hedge fund industry's cool kid of the year David Miller has traded ahead of his peers by exploiting and being short of the popular ETF industry product: leveraged ETFs  and “inverse ETFs”; products that are typically powered…Read More

14 December, 2015
BATS ETF exchange

BATS Scoring New Listing Runs Via Payment To ETF…

( Global Markets has been aggressively taking on well-established NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges in the battle for ETF listings. ETF news curators found the BATS exchange is apparently scoring runs via new listings courtesy of paying ETF Issuers to list their products vs. the old-school exchange model that has…Read More

4 December, 2015
crowdfund etf

Yes, Now an ETF for Crowdfund Industry

MarketsMuse followers who noticed our June 29 2015 post "What's Next? ETFs for Crowdfunding?"  and our curator's somewhat parody-centric, but now prescient view that someone in the ETF world would soon come up with a crowdfund industry exchange-traded product can now share this post with others--as that prediction has come…Read More

1 December, 2015