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ETF Market Mavens March Madness Event-City of Brotherly Love

Expect more than lots of brotherly love networking at the Philadelphia Ritz-Carlton March 19-20, when ETF market mavens gather  to attend the InsideIndexing forum “Risk, Return & Indexing Strategies.”

An early look at the menu indicates a few tasty treats will be served up by a formidable group of moderators and industry panelists who will be peeling back the onion layers  covering fixed income ETFs, how to choose the ETF in every asset class,  and a fav topic “Are arbitrageurs stealing your returns?”

We can’t help but wonder what mutual fund titan and ETF anti-Christ John Bogle will be saying to those that attend, but its always worth the price of entry to hear him opine (the fact that food and a cocktail reception are included in the registration fee makes it a must-attend for those in the tri-state region).

Its great to notice the agenda also includes a Live-Market ETF Trading Session, during which the industry’s top expert brokers will use 40-ft screens to display live market quotes and trading floor video feeds to illustrate how they achieve best execution for their respective clients.

We’re not getting a commish for promoting this event, so feel free to click the program logo below to register 🙂

Bogle Boggles and Balks re: ETFs

In the category of  “He who speaks with forked tongue…” Index Icon and Vanguard Group founder John Bogle once again threw a curve ball while speaking at today’s Bloomberg Portfolio Manager Mash-Up.

John Bogle, Vanguard Group founder

Stating “ETFs are the greatest trading innovation of the 21st century,” what the Midas of Mutual Funds added with a big (*) was : “But the question is,  ‘Are they the greatest investment innovation?’ and the answer is ‘no.”

According to coverage of the event, fully credited to InvestmentNews, Bogle pulled no punches by calling out BlackRock for “just making a muddy pool muddier” in reference to BlackRock’s aggressive product launches. Bogle, who is also known as the “Midas of  Mutual Funds”, reminded the Bloomberg conference attendees “There’s something like 2000 ETFs now. That’s almost as many stocks as there are.”

One attendee then asked Mr. Bogle, “How many mutual funds are there?” In lieu of replying, he headed to the loo, where the self-proclaimed Buffet-like Market Bull took a bio break.