ETF Market Mavens March Madness Event-City of Brotherly Love

Expect more than lots of brotherly love networking at the Philadelphia Ritz-Carlton March 19-20, when ETF market mavens gather  to attend the InsideIndexing forum “Risk, Return & Indexing Strategies.”

An early look at the menu indicates a few tasty treats will be served up by a formidable group of moderators and industry panelists who will be peeling back the onion layers  covering fixed income ETFs, how to choose the ETF in every asset class,  and a fav topic “Are arbitrageurs stealing your returns?”

We can’t help but wonder what mutual fund titan and ETF anti-Christ John Bogle will be saying to those that attend, but its always worth the price of entry to hear him opine (the fact that food and a cocktail reception are included in the registration fee makes it a must-attend for those in the tri-state region).

Its great to notice the agenda also includes a Live-Market ETF Trading Session, during which the industry’s top expert brokers will use 40-ft screens to display live market quotes and trading floor video feeds to illustrate how they achieve best execution for their respective clients.

We’re not getting a commish for promoting this event, so feel free to click the program logo below to register 🙂