Why the Market Sold Off..

Courtesy of Josh Brown, “The Reformed Broker”  market pundit for Stocktwit and CNBC

MarketsMuse Editor Note: We don’t often reference stock jockeys or media pundits, but hats off to Josh for his Mar 13 blog–its timeless!  Click the logo to left to visit his blog site

Why did the stock market sell off today?

·         Wall Street Journal: Tensions in Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula

·         Yahoo Finance: Russians

·         Fox Business: Obamacare

·         CNBC: It didn’t sell off at all, it was actually a reverse rally

·         Forbes: Taxes are too high

·         Huffington Post: Taxes are too low

·         Fox News: Gay marriage

·         Motley Fool: Sign up here to find out!

·         Bloomberg TV: The opposite of whatever CNBC said.

·         Quartz: Chinese shadow-banks

·         FT Alphaville: Chinese derivatives

·         Washington Times: Fallout from explosive Benghazi revelations

·         StockTwits: Here’s a chart

·         USA Today: Let’s take a poll

·         DealBook: lack of M&A

·         Zero Hedge: Better question, why would it have gone up?

·         MSNBC: I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the term “stock market” per se…

·         Business Insider: Ten reasons, actually (view as single page?)

·         Financial Times: Please take a moment to register and accept cookies

·         MarketWatch: 1929

·         The Reformed Broker: More sellers than buyers

·         Buzzfeed Business: It’s like that time on Party of Five when Charlie was giving Julia the silent treatment…

·         Reuters: HFT

·         Barron’s: Valuations got ahead of themselves

·         Investors Business Daily: drop in momentum. And record deficits.

·         History Channel: Ancient Aliens