BlackRock Opens Bond ETFs Aimed at Institutional Clients

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP BlackRock Inc. (BLK), the largest provider of exchange-traded funds, is opening four fixed-income ETFs today with defined maturity dates to appeal to institutional investors such as bank treasurers. BlackRock’s iSharesBond ETFs, which invest in a basket of investment-grade corporate bonds, have set expiration dates when the…Read More

19 April, 2013

Cash Management ETFs Will Boom..

Commentary below courtesy of Paul Amery, Forbes columnist Ari Weinberg points out that bond ETFs should be seen as the “money market fund of tomorrow”, and he’s right. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are well-positioned to make significant inroads into the US$2.7 trillion money market fund (MMF) sector, which is fighting…Read More

5 July, 2012

Junk ETF Bond Volumes Signal Electronic Demand

  by Lisa Abramowicz Trading of exchange-traded funds that focus on junk bonds is soaring while volume in the underlying securities slumps as dwindling dealer holdings prompt investors to seek electronic platforms. Volumes in the two biggest ETFs in June have climbed 22 percent above the six-month average while overall…Read More

17 June, 2012

The Global Chase (Race) to Capturing Yield; High Yield…

Courtesy of Paul Amery, On a longer-term view, last month’s US$1.3 billion net outflow from high-yield bond ETFs looks like nothing more than a blip. Fixed income trackers are currently the fastest-growing sector of the ETF market and, within that category, high-yield (or “junk bond”) funds have recently attracted…Read More

11 June, 2012

High-Yield ETFs Lure Investors Bypassing Dealers: Credit Markets

  reporting from Lisa Abramowicz Exchange-traded funds that own junk bonds are attracting unprecedented sums of cash from institutional investors seeking to slip in and out of the market as dealer inventories decline. Institutional holders own 51 percent of BlackRock Inc.’s high-yield ETF, up 11 percentage points this year, according…Read More

4 June, 2012

Stock Price Implosion Puts HFT Firms Under Attack, Again

Stock Price Implosion Leads Some to Challenge Current Market Structure; HFT Firms Are Under Attack, Again… Heads Up to High-Frequency Firms: Time to Hire a PR Crisis Manager Again, Call Your Lobbyists, Book Your Plane Tickets to Washington DC. Before “bidding on” to the anti-HFT and anti-ETF remarks circulated by…Read More

20 December, 2018

Open Outcry Options Pit Trading is Dead..Long Live Open…

MarketsMuse Strike Price update profiles a “return from the past and into the future” look at what many veteran (and former) option mart floor traders had all but given up for lost thanks to the electronification and bifurcation of institutional options trading. We’re talking about those legacy, open-outcry trading pits,…Read More

7 May, 2015