Macro View : Bears & Bulls & Sheep; The…

MarketsMuse Editor Note: At risk of pounding the table too frequently by pointing to global macro strategy think tank "Rareview Macro" and their high-frequency of prescient postulating...the below excerpt from this a.m.'s edition of Rareview's Sight Beyond Sight illustrates why this analyst is become the analyst ..For those confused by…Read More

15 October, 2014

ETFs Getting Blurry: New “ETMFs” Hard to See Through;…

  Excerpts Courtesy of MarketsMediaThe lines of demarcation between actively-managed investment vehicles are getting fuzzier with the advent of non-transparent, actively-managed ETFs.Black Rock, State Street, Eaton Vance and T. Rowe Price, among others, have filed applications with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to develop actively managed non-transparent ETFs that…Read More

25 February, 2014

De-Mystifying Fixed Income ETFs and ETF HF Trading

Courtesy of Drew Voros & Matt Hougan/ Phil Mackintosh, managing director and head of trading strategy for Credit Suisse, recently visited IndexUniverse’s San Francisco headquarters and sat down with IU’s Global Head of Content Matt Hougan and Editor-in-Chief Drew Voros to talk about fixed-income ETFs, high-frequency trading and other topics.…Read More

26 September, 2013

SEC Punts on Payments to ETF Market Makers

Courtesy of Rosalyn Retkwa   The Securities and Exchange Commission has decided not to decide yet whether to approve proposals by Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange to pay market makers to make better markets in thinly traded ETFs. The proposals would require an exemption from a current prohibition against…Read More

18 July, 2012

The Global Chase (Race) to Capturing Yield; High Yield…

Courtesy of Paul Amery, On a longer-term view, last month’s US$1.3 billion net outflow from high-yield bond ETFs looks like nothing more than a blip. Fixed income trackers are currently the fastest-growing sector of the ETF market and, within that category, high-yield (or “junk bond”) funds have recently attracted…Read More

11 June, 2012

Top Managers Find Better Ways to Trade Tiny ETFs

By Murray Coleman Heading into this month, just 25 funds held 61% of all the assets in U.S.-listed ETFs–and there are more than 1,458 on the market right now, according to investment researcher XTF Global. That herd-like mentality is credited by analysts to an emphasis–some say an overemphasis–on size and…Read More

18 May, 2012

NYSE Backs Payments for ETF Market Makers; Incentives To…

  Reporting courtesy of James Armstrong/Traders Mag. Following a similar proposal by Nasdaq OMX, NYSE Euronext has unveiled a plan to allow market makers to get paid for providing liquidity for exchange-traded funds. If approved, the plan could reduce the number of funds listed without lead market makers. On April…Read More

4 May, 2012

ProShares To Reverse-Split VIX ETF UVXY

  Courtesy of IndexUniverse, reporting from Oliver Ludwig: ProShares, the fund company known for its large family of inverse and leveraged ETFs, set a 1-for-6 reverse split on its now-super-popular VIX-related ETF “UVXY” to ensure that bid/ask spreads on the security don’t grow too large as a percentage of its…Read More

28 February, 2012