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Crypto Firm Seaquake Founder Andrew Katz Now Faces Felony Assault Charges

Crypto Firm Seaquake co-founder Andrew Katz aka Ross Katz aka Stark Katz who along with his partner Matthew J. Krueger of San Francisco is still in the midst of facing investor fraud charges in a Florida federal court, yet is now scheduled to appear in New York Criminal Court early in March to answer felony assault charges, one count of grand larceny, and one count of aggravated harassment.

Per New York Court System Case CR-02020482-20NY, Defendant Andrew R. Katz, who apparently still promotes himself as co-founder of the so-called digital asset infrastructure company “Seaquake.io” is facing 2nd Degree Felony Assault Charges (a class D felony) in New York after his November 2 2020 arrest by the NYPD. Katz was also charged with Grand Larceny ( an E Felony) and one charge of aggravated harassment.

New York Court System Case CR-02020482-20NY


According to informed sources, the November 2020 incident involved Katz beating his now ex-wife, Selen Katz (pictured above courtesy of a selfie phot at instagram/seloupe), a Turkish national and Instagram bathing suit model whose LinkedIn profile indicates her being an employee of the phantom company in the role of ‘creative designer.’ The ex-Mrs Katz updated her LinkedIn profile last April, shortly before Katz and Krueger allegedly filed PPP Loan Requests for the various Seaquake entities with the SBA’s Covid-19 small business loan relief initiative. Katz, who resides in New York City, yet also lists Arvada Colorado as his residence and lists addresses in California and Florida according to public databases, has faced numerous other assault charges, as well as harassment, breaking and entering, stalking throughout the past several years.

Court records indicate Katz had been released on a $200,000 bond after the November arrest, and somehow managed to find $100,000 in cash to put towards the full amount. When considering the Florida case, in which defendants Katz and Krueger are charged with defrauding a Family Office out of several hundred thousand dollars in August 2019, and then moving those funds to a Coinbase account and converting the money to bitcoin, one can only speculate as to whether Katz and Krueger (a former PayPal employee fluent in cryptocurrency) have been enjoying the 6-fold increase in the price of bitcoin since the initial investor fraud took place.

“We invest in cockroach entrepreneurs”, says William Bao Bean, the Managing Partner of “SOSV Ventures”, an investment firm that promotes having invested in Seaquake after the 2019 civil fraud charges against Katz and Krueger was made public. Mr. Bean seems to have once again hit the nail on the head. Mr. Bean nor others from SOSV were available to comment about Cockroach Katz’s latest tribulations, nor did anyone at SOSV comment regarding the firm’s investment in the Katz and Krueger criminal enterprise.

Under New York State law, the maximum possible sentence for a felony assault charge is 7 years in prison. N.Y. … Because assault in the second degree is also classified as a violent felony, the judge is required to impose a minimum sentence of 2 years in prison. Attorney Steven Metcalf, the criminal defense attorney representing Katz, had no comment as of this report.