And The Winner of “World’s Fastest Growing Asset Class” Is…

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The Big Four Central Banks as the World’s Fastest Growing Asset Class

Ron Quigley, Mischler Financial Group
Ron Quigley, Mischler Financial Group

I had a wonderful conversation over dinner this weekend with a highly intellectual and personable Russian player in our markets.  We discussed Greece and the additional overtime round of “kick-the-can” that postpones pain by four more months.  But what seemed even more compelling was the notion of the Big Four Central Banks as the world’s fastest growing “asset class.”  (The Fed, the ECB, BOJ and PBoC).  Deutsche Bank illustrated in a recent research piece, the staggering numbers of Big Four Central Bank purchases.  The Central Banks have clearly become an asset class all its own.  It’s right up there the with cumulative total of U.S. pension funds!  Digest that for a second readers!  As my friend wrote to me:


When this persistent buying stops, there will be a very large adjustment on a global scale.   But this can go for another decade, and results in a “Mexican standoff” between CBs.   The media calls it “currency wars.”

Some people are calling for the Fed to use the current rate environment to unwind some of their QE portfolio, instead of raising rates which might actually be a good idea, but it would most definitely prolong the QE strategy, because people will read it as a sign of success. 

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Now here’s the kicker – as an asset class all their own, think about these two points that differentiate them from other huge asset classes:

  • They can print however much money they want
  • They can change the rules whenever they want

…………..this is not good folks!

“Spasibo” to my Russian Drugh!

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