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ETF and Options Execution Firm Expands Global Footprint: More Hiring In Store

wall-street-letter-logo  Courtesy of Wall Street Letter reporter Sean Creamer

Institutional brokerage WallachBeth Capital LLC will expand its staff to bolster electronic trading across exchange-traded funds and options over the next two years, according to Michael Wallach, CEO.

The agency broker-dealer aims to bring on 15-20 people, some of whom may be college interns who transition to permanent employment with the company, according to Wallach.  He added “this strategy ensures the staff has a rounded experience in the firm before taking up a permanent role.”

WB CEO Michael Wallach (r), Pres/COO David Beth (l)
WB CEO Michael Wallach (r), Pres/COO David Beth (l)

Beyond staff expansion, the brokerage, whose headquarters is based in the heart of Wall Street and maintains a footprint in the UK, is aiming to expand its ETF execution presence to South America to serve pension fund managers in these regions, Wallach noted. “ Many money managers throughout the world now trade US ETFs. We want to introduce our model to any region whose managers want and need real best execution services.”   To view the full article from WSL, please click here.