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Billion Dollar ETF Stocks Up On Health Care

MarketsMuse blog update profiles the rebalancing that the Direxion iBillionaire Index ETF has been doing and this time investing much of its energy in health care. This MarketsMuse update is courtesy of Benzinga’s article, “Billionaire-Tracking ETF Just Bulked Up On Health Car“. An excerpt of the article highlighting the rebalance is below.

Investing in some of the world’s top hedge funds may not be feasible for the majority of investors, yet that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in many of their best ideas.

The Direxion iBillionaire Index ETF (IBLN 0.15%) is one example of an ETF that seeks to harvest the top holdings from a select group of billionaire investors. These famed strategists are required to report their largest positions on SEC Form 13F filings — publicly-available information from which an index can be constructed.

IBLN selects 30 large-cap stocks from a pool of up to 10 billionaires and equal weights them across its portfolio. According to the fund company’s website, “IBLN is designed to help long term-investors pursue a better portfolio outcome by seeking excess returns relative to the S&P 500 Index.”

The latest IBLN rebalancing led to some interesting changes across the spectrum of holdings that reduced exposure to technology companies and bulked up on health care names.

It subsequently added the following new positions:

  • American Airlines Group Inc AAL 0.33% – Industrials
  • Applied Materials, Inc. AMAT 0.05% – Technology
  • DirecTV DTV 0.63% – Consumer Discretionary
  • Endo International ENDP 0.09% – Health Care
  • Humana Inc HUM 0.13% – Health Care
  • McKesson Corporation MCK 0.49% – Health Care

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