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LSE Scores Listing of China’s First ETF

MarketMuse blog update profiles the London Stock Exchange’s (LSE) Wednesday announcement that it had welcomed their first China ETF, Commerzbank CCBI RQFII Money Market UCITS ETF. This is an exciting new step as China hopes to have more offshore trading in the very near future. This ETF offers the abiltiy for those in the LSE to invest in China’s inter-bank market. This MarketMuse update is courtesy of BloombergBusiness’s Will Hadfield. An excerpt of the article, “The Yuan Comes to Europe as LSE Hosts ETF Tracking Chinese Money” is below.

A Chinese bank has launched the first money-market fund denominated in yuan that’s based in Europe, a milestone in the currency’s emergence as a major force in world markets.

China Construction Bank Corp.’s new exchange-traded fund, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange and available to investors throughout the European Union, is the first product to give Western investors access to securities in China’s interbank bond market. The fund, called the Commerzbank CCBI RQFII Money Market UCITS ETF, started trading Wednesday.

The ETF could be the first of many Chinese-currency funds to launch in developed markets as the country’s banks seek to attract investors with higher returns than they could get from dollar-, euro- or pound-denominated accounts.

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