Professional Investors Are Impaired Says MarketsMuse

Referring to anyone as ‘being impaired’ is not a compliment. And, in the world of financial market punditry, where at least half of the experts are best at telling their audience what happened during the past 12 hours, while another 45% who position themselves as forecasters are right maybe 50% of the time, its no surprise that some industry experts would go as far as to suggest that most professional investors are impaired. MarketsMuse curators liken that phrase to the ‘professionals’ in Washington DC (as well as nearly all state capitals) who are playing at the game of politics. For those who keep a scorecard and track the performance of forward-looking views regarding financial markets and expressed by those appearing on the assortment of business news outlets, the following clip courtesy of CNBC might be looked back upon by viewers with the thought, “this guy really does has sight beyond sight!”