How Savvy Hedge Funds Exploit ETF Products-Supposedly

While equities markets have zig-zagged since late summer with lots of volatility,  leading to pretty much no change in major indices since late August, news media outlets have put their cross hairs on the ETF industry, which has been battered with criticism consequent to out-0f-context pricing that has riddled opening…Read More

30 September, 2015

Hull Launches First ETF Product for U.S.

Hull Tactical Asset Allocation, LLC (“HTAA”), announces the launch of the Hull Tactical US ETF (“HTUS”), an actively managed exchange traded fund designed by industry veteran Blair Hull. The ETF is designed to deliver hedge fund-type management and trading tactics to a broad investor audience. Working in partnership with Exchange…Read More

7 July, 2015

Hull Tactical Asset Allocation Jumps Into ETF Market

Hull Tactical Asset Allocation, LLC announces the launch of the Hull Tactical US ETF, an actively managed exchange traded fund designed by industry veteran Blair Hull. The ETF is designed to deliver hedge fund-type management and trading tactics to a broad investor audience. Working in partnership with Exchange Traded Concepts,…Read More

25 June, 2015

The Real Driver Behind China ETF Action: Column A… ETF update profiles the real driver behind the surge in China-focused exchange-traded funds courtesy of below extract from 28 April a.m. column by Todd Shriber of “Surprising Drivers of the A-Shares ETF Surge.” It is not a secret that exchange traded funds holding Chinese equities, both A-shares trading…Read More

28 April, 2015

Russia’s ETF Tries to Get Back On The Horse

MarketMuse update courtesy of ETF Trends' Todd Shriber. MarketMuse has been profiling the recent market turmoil found all across Europe but mainly Greece and Russia. After a difficult past six months, Russia's ETF has recently been back on the rise.  Entering Tuesday, the Market Vectors Russia ETF (NYSEArca: RSX) sported a six-month loss…Read More

3 February, 2015

ETF Adoption Continues at Brisk Pace

  Excerpt courtesy of MarketsMedia Providers of ETFs and mutual funds are using targeted marketing approaches to match the right products with the right customers. With ETFs use climbing among active investors, both retail and institutional, packagers of ETFs view the product as a low-cost vehicle for investors to access…Read More

14 April, 2014

Assessing the Merits of an ETF: Debunking Common Myths

Extract of white paper published by Chris Hempstead, Head of ETF Trade Execution for WallachBeth Capital LLC With respect to analyzing and selecting ETFs, one of the most common and frustrating mistakes that I overhear is “..unless the fund has at least some minimum AUM ($50mm in many cases), or…Read More

27 August, 2012

“How Do You Like Them #Apple(s)?

Courtesy of post-distribution desk notes from WallachBeth Capital's ETF Execution Expert, Chris Hempstead.. 8am Monday June 11 Maybe Apple can solve the world’s problems. We find out today! As global markets react positively to the news of yet another ‘solution’ to the European debt crisis, a soft poll of peers…Read More

11 June, 2012

Direxion Files Plans to Introduce Another Bearish Bank ETF…

By Direxion, the firm behind the behind the infamous yet highly popular Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares FAZ +0.64% , is looking to add its lineup of non-leveraged products and has filed plans with the SEC to possibly introduce the Direxion Daily Financial Bear 1X Shares. The Direxion…Read More

7 June, 2012

AAPL Un-Buckling-Case Study ETF Correlation

According to TradersMag, during Q1 2012,  ETF volume as a percentage of total volume reported by major exchange fell to 16 percent from 19 percent (for all of 2011) because correlations between individual stocks and ETFs has declined. Once again, it appears to be a stock-picker's market. The same column…Read More

16 April, 2012

ProShares To Reverse-Split VIX ETF UVXY

  Courtesy of IndexUniverse, reporting from Oliver Ludwig: ProShares, the fund company known for its large family of inverse and leveraged ETFs, set a 1-for-6 reverse split on its now-super-popular VIX-related ETF “UVXY” to ensure that bid/ask spreads on the security don’t grow too large as a percentage of its…Read More

28 February, 2012

Another Old-Style Quant Jock Embraces ETF-Style Passive Investing

Former LTCM Guru Gives Up the Ghost; Converts From Convergence Trading to Passive Investing Armed with ETFs Proving that old traders never die, they simply re-invent themselves, yet another highly-seasoned hedge fund guru whose pedigree extends back to Salomon Brothers and thereafter, senior partner at the now infamous hedge fund…Read More

13 November, 2017

BATS Exchange Goes Bats Again;Pay For Orders, Now Pay…

MarketsMuse ETF Curators debated on the title to this story, and first suggested the headline "Has BATS Gone Bats?!" While market structure experts continue to debate the topic of pay-to-play, i.e. payment for order flow schemes, BATS Global Markets, the youngest and arguably, now one of the largest electronic exchanges…Read More

1 October, 2015

ETF Investors Have Regret Following the Swiss National Bank’s…

MarketMuse update courtesy of Tom Lydon from ETF Trends. This update acts as a follow up from one of yesterday's posts. Thursday’s biggest financial market headlines came courtesy of the Swiss National Bank (SNB), which opted to drop the franc’s peg to the euro, a move that sent the Swiss…Read More

16 January, 2015

Breaking News: The Black Swan from Switzerland: A Macro… update profiling Swiss National Bank (SNB) lowering of deposit rate to a -0.75% has, as noted by Neil Azous of global macro think Rareview Macro LLC,  “shocked the markets” and "will be booked into the Black Swan record books as an event to be remembered. " Below update starts…Read More

15 January, 2015

Macro Muse: Expert Says: Short USTs, Yields Poised to…

Courtesy of one of our reader's sighting this a.m.'s comments from Rareview Macro LLC's "Sight Beyond Sight", we're compelled to cite the original source: [caption id="attachment_1904" align="alignleft" width="100"] Neil Azous, Rareview Macro LLC[/caption] "...For the first time in months the setup is compelling enough for us to short US Fixed…Read More

8 May, 2014

This ETF Could be The Real Monetary Easing Play:…

While the market seemed generally unimpressed by the Federal Reserve's pledge to hold interest rates down until the U.S. unemployment rate drops below 6.5 percent, the usual suspects among ETFs performed as expected Wednesday. Following the conclusion of the central bank's last monetary policy meeting of 2012, the PowerShares DB…Read More

13 December, 2012

Short TVIX: The Ultimate VIX Contango Trade

June 19, 2012 Contango is Back The volatility futures curve is back in strong contango, and with it an opportunity to profit from the short trade on volatility linked ETFs/ETNs. For a primer on this trade, see previous articles here and here, but in short it's an attempt to profit…Read More

20 June, 2012