What’s Next For Wall Street’s FinTech Czars? Bitcoin Exchanges!

MarketsMuse.com FinTech update profiles Wall Street’s trading system technology push into the next frontier: Bitcoin Exchanges. Below is courtesy of March 24 column “Legacy Exchange Players Rush To Aid Bitcoin Exchanges.” Following news that Nasdaq will offer trading technology to Noble Markets, legacy exchanges and executives are helping to make…Read More

27 March, 2015

Nasdaq Agrees To Power New Bitcoin Marketplace

MarketMuse blog update profiles Nasdaq recent agreement to power a new marketplace from bitcoin trading. Bitcoins are the largest decentralized digital currency in the market and has been taking the investment world by storm since its introduction in 2009 by its founder,  Satoshi Nakamoto. MarketMuse blog update is courtesy of Nasdaq's article, "Nasdaq…Read More

24 March, 2015

The 1st Regulated Bitcoin Bourse? Frmr Goldman Sachs Algo…

MarketsMuse.com update courtesy of extracts from today’s edition of Traders Magazine. Yet another coin is being tossed into the fountain of Bitcoin dreams and wishes. The latest aspirant and first to file a full-blown registration for a "Bitcoin Bourse"with the CFTC is “LedgerX”, a company led by former 6-pack broker-dealer…Read More

28 January, 2015

Change is Coming: What to Expect With Bitcoin ETF

MarketMuse update courtesy of Inside Bitcoins' Kyle Torpey.  Much of the bitcoin community is excited at the prospect of a bitcoin ETF due to the assumption that it could bring many new speculators into the market. After all, if everyone with access to assets traded on the NASDAQ can just as easily trade bitcoin…Read More

21 January, 2015

Winklevoss Twins’ Bitcoin Trust ETF Makes Progress to go…

MarketMuse update courtesy of extracts from Tom Lydon’s 31 December ETF Trends story. The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, famed for suing Mark Zuckerburg, claiming he stole Facebook from their own social networking site ConncetU, have started another new venture.  In April 2013, they claimed that they owned of 1%…Read More

2 January, 2015

Europe’s First Bitcoin ETF Comes Courtesy of UK-Based Exchange…

    MarketsMuse salutes the news reporting below courtesy of industry news publication CoinDesk and reporter Daniel Palmer Coinfloor has revealed plans to launch a bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) and accept additional fiat currencies as part of its efforts to expand internationally. Starting immediately, the UK-based bitcoin exchange is allowing customers to make deposits…Read More

22 October, 2014

ETF Industry’s Spiderwoman Spins New Web To Advance Bitcoin…

marketmuse.com blog post courtesy of extract from bloomberg.com and Christopher CondonTyler and Cameron Winklevoss are fighting for approval from regulators for their proposed bitcoin exchange-traded fund. They stand a chance because Spiderwoman is on the case.So nicknamed for her work on State Street Corp.’s “Spider,” the first ETF when it came…Read More

15 August, 2014

Bitcoin: Now Coming To a Trading Screen Near You?

  MarketsMuse Editor Note: On the heels of the recent announcement that the proposed Bitcoin ETF aka "Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust" with slated ticker symbol COIN is about to be bankable by ETF traders and investors, below extract courtesy of Traders Magazine Online News, July 15, 2014, written by Gregg Wirth Bitcoin,…Read More

15 July, 2014

Batter Up: New Hedge Fund For Bitcoins

  Below excerpt is hot of the press and courtesy of one of MarketsMuse's favorite outlets: FINalternatives.. Coin Capital Management is this week launching a Bitcoin-focused hedge fund, which will buy and hold the leading crypto-currency in an institutional grade environment. “We are pretty excited about Bitcoin…it is an exciting…Read More

12 May, 2014

Batter Up: Bitcoin ETF aka Winkdex Readies Major League…

Courtesy of Nathaniel Popper Stock traders have the Standard & Poor’s 500. Bitcoin bettors will have the Winkdex. The new financial index takes its name from the Winklevoss brothers, famous for their legal battle with the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The Winkdex was released publicly on Wednesday and provides a…Read More

20 February, 2014

Bitcoin: Debunking the Myths

Courtesy of TABB Contributor Nicholas Colas, ConvergEx Group In the rush to understand what bitcoin is – and isn’t – the public discussion on the topic has gotten a bit muddy. Here are 11 bitcoin myths and the reality under the hype and confusion. MarketsMuse Editor Note: In deference to…Read More

16 December, 2013

Is a #Bitcoin ETF Next??

Courtesy of ETF Trends' Tom Lydon Bitcoins, a type of highly encrypted digital currency, are surging on a wave of speculation and demand for alternative currencies as central banks continue to print. Could we soon see the launch of a Bitcoin ETF? It’s an interesting idea, but experts say don’t…Read More

10 April, 2013
ftx-exchange-sam bankman-fried

FTX Crypto Exchange Debacle Simply Explained

Sam Bankman-Fried (aka "SBF") Fries Clients and Customers FTX Crypto Exchange Bankruptcy Explained; Investors Loss Estimated at $2bil; Exchange Customers Loss Estimated at $4bil-$5bil (so far..) Comparisons Made to Lehman Brothers Scandal; Sam Bankman-Fried Scheme More Similar to Jon Corzine Shenanigans when he ran MF Global into the ground. FTX…Read More

12 November, 2022
mike novogratz crypto industry

The Tale of Crypto Talking Head Mike Novogratz

For those not aware, Michael Novogratz, the famed crypto industry 'pioneer' and crypto evangelist is a former Goldman Sachs ‘global macro wunderkind’ who then did a stint at asset management firm Fortress Investments, which cratered during his watch, turned into a bitcoin evangelist and became the “bitcoin billionaire” brains behind…Read More

18 June, 2022

Social Capital SPAC Machine Latest: $500m Blank Check Company…

Social Capital SPAC factory run by SPACmeister, notorious Tweeter and promoter of RedditArmy favorite stocks Chamath Palihapitiya is rumored to have filed a confidential S-1 for his latest Special Purpose Acquisition Company, (aka SPAC). The entity is to be called SIDS Acquisition Corp. According to sources, @chamath aims to focus…Read More

2 March, 2021

“Crypto-Trading Firm” Founder Andrew Katz Now Faces Felony Assault…

Andrew Katz aka Ross Katz aka Stark Katz, the co-founder of so-called digital asset infrastructure and crypto-currency trading firm Seaquake.io, who along with his partner Matthew J. Krueger of San Francisco and UK citizen Dylan Knight are facing investor fraud charges, is now slated to appear in New York Criminal…Read More

19 February, 2021

Amateur Day Traders Liberate The Markets-Making The Rich Richer

"Amateur Day Traders" by the tens of thousands who are taking tips from #reddit and #daytrading rebels, and particularly, the financial market anarchists who believe you are inflicting pain on fat cat wall street hedge fund traders by squeezing their shorts and bidding up share prices of distressed or challenged…Read More

31 January, 2021

Stock Price Implosion Puts HFT Firms Under Attack, Again

Stock Price Implosion Leads Some to Challenge Current Market Structure; HFT Firms Are Under Attack, Again… Heads Up to High-Frequency Firms: Time to Hire a PR Crisis Manager Again, Call Your Lobbyists, Book Your Plane Tickets to Washington DC. Before “bidding on” to the anti-HFT and anti-ETF remarks circulated by…Read More

20 December, 2018