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Options Mart’s CBOE To Make Major Overhaul

(MarketsMedia : not to be confused with Madmen Media, owner of MarketsMuse.com)– In order to keep up with the demands of today’s high-volume electronic markets and leverage their fintech muscles, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the top options mart player plans to migrate its CBOE and C2 options markets as well as its CBOE Futures Exchange to an internally developed matching engine beginning in August, according to CBOE senior management.

The new system, dubbed Vector, will replace the current internally developed CBOE Direct platform, which the exchange launched in November 2001 and runs all three markets.

“Trading volumes on the exchanges have grown and the growing demands of the higher-frequency trader require us to keep up,” said Ed Tilly, CEO of the CBOE. “It’s difficult to keep up a system that was designed with your customers’ needs from 14 to 15 years ago, and meet their needs for today and tomorrow.”

The current trading engine served the CBOE community very well, but the CBOE leadership decided it was time for an overhaul. “We developed Vector starting from a blank piece of paper beginning in 2014,” Tilly said.

The buy-or-build decision was a close call, as at least one unspecified third-party technology provider delivered a very impressive pitch to handle the job. Ultimately, the call to stay in-house was made in deference to the customization of the CBOE product suite, Tilly said.

Besides improved transaction speeds and scalability, the new matching engine will also incorporate new risk management tool for trading firms.

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