Is an ETF for Equity Crowdfunding Far Off?-Global Directory Announces Launch

For followers of the global equity crowdfund movement and fintech aficionados who are fluent in ‘what’s next?’, this is a big news week from the crowdfund world. Yesterday, MarketsMuse curators spotlighted a just-launched trading exchange that brings billions of dollars worth of private shares into the wacky world of secondary market trading. While there are rumored to be various efforts to package equity-crowdfunded ‘equity stakes’ into exchange-traded fund structures, which is arguably the “next great idea, “the first ETF for Equity Crowdfunding” has yet to be formally announced.

Before that announcement actually happens, today’s announcement from the multi-billion crowdfunding space (see link below) might be the data foundation such an initiative. and could very well be the vision spearheaded by this new portal,

MarketsMuse editor note: fully-disclosed, one of our favorite staff members was cited in this news story with the following comment

“Noted Pete Hoegler, senior analyst for financial industry blog,, “The platform has three critical elements in its favor. Firstly, they have a really compelling domain name that inspires immediate brand recognition.” Added Hoegler, “Secondly, this group has the benefit of not having “first-mover disadvantage” and most important, is providing a much-needed service for a still nascent industry that is capturing the attention of millions of people and billions of dollars.”

Click below for the formal announcement distributed by NASDAQ’s GlobeNewswire

Wall St Ex-Pats Launch Global Directory for Crowdfunding Industry”