Hull Launches First ETF Product for U.S.

Hull Tactical Asset Allocation, LLC (“HTAA”), announces the launch of the Hull Tactical US ETF (“HTUS”), an actively managed exchange traded fund designed by industry veteran Blair Hull. The ETF is designed to deliver hedge fund-type management and trading tactics to a broad investor audience.

Working in partnership with Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC, the white-label ETF issuer platform, the team at HTAA believes that the Hull Tactical US ETF will be attractive as the market for institutional-quality equity products continues to grow.

HTUS is constructed to perform under all market conditions, with an investment objective of long-term capital appreciation, guided by the firm’s proprietary, patent-pending, quantitative trading model. The model selects indicators that HTAA believes can best forecast the next six months of return of the S&P 500. It takes long or short positions in ETFs, leveraged ETFs or other securities that seek to track the performance of the S&P 500 based on the model with the remaining assets in the portfolio being held in cash.

The fund is a good option for investors seeking to stay invested in the market under all conditions. “A wide range of investors – from sophisticated retail investors, to independent advisors to endowments and pension funds in the institutional space – should find our product advantageous,” says Steve McCarten, Chief Operating Officer of Hull Tactical Asset Allocation.

Given the current equity market condition, investors can expect to reduce volatility exposure to the equity market through this fund. This is especially true as the long-short positions taken by the fund help to withstand volatility. Moreover, the fund is expected to provide higher diversification benefits as the long strategy is believed to be highly uncorrelated to the traditional asset classes.

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