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Financial Markets Ignore Paris Terrorism-At Their Own Risk

Weekend’s Geopolitical Events Are Being Ignored..

MarketsMuse curators have been navigating commentary across the media throughout the weekend in search for the various financial industry pundits and opinionators who might add some context to the terrorism that shook Paris on Friday night. No surprise, we noticed the below opening from hot-off-the-press a.m. commentary from global macro advisory Rareview Macro via their institutional newsletter “Sight Beyond Sight”..

Neil Azous, Rareview Macro
Neil Azous, Rareview Macro

Israeli equities are showing the largest positive risk-adjusted return across regions and assets. Crude Oil is -3% off the overnight highs and now trading flat-to-negative. So what is behind that? One argument is that these asset markets are positively responding to the deal made over the weekend on how to end Syria’s civil war and the adopted timeline that will let opposition groups help draft a constitution and elect a new government by 2017.

A lot of professionals want to believe that the US equity market is also technically oversold. Combine that with some of the global solidarity sketched out above in response to the weekend events in France and the view is that there will be more stability rather than higher volatility today in risk assets.

If you believe that, we have land for sale in Fallujah, Iraq and it’s at half price today. 

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