ETF Market’s “Dame Deborah” Fuhr Launches Independent Research Firm

Debbie Fuhr, the undisputed “Dame” of the exchange-traded-funds industry, and most recently BlackRock’s Managing Director and global head of ETF research and implementation will open the doors of a new independent research firm, “ETF Global Insight” next Monday. Prior to Debbie’s 3-year stint at BlackRock/BGI, she was billeted for 11 years at Morgan Stanley’s London barracks where she was an MD and head of that firm’s  investment strategies group.

photo courtesy of CNBC

As reported by a variety of global business news outlets, Debbie’s new domain “will publish research on the ETF industry as well as providing education and assistance with product comparisons and asset allocation implementation.”  Debbie will be joined in this new  London-based boutique by former co-workers Shane Kelly and Matthew Murray. All three are widely-credited for developing the first ETF industry research reports.

While speaking to reporter Chris Flood in discussing the new firm, Debbie stated, “All the members of the ETF eco-system have been citing the need for more and better independent education and research to help navigate the now vast array of products that are available.”

Observed  Andy McOrmond, co-head of ETF Trade Execution for institutional broker  WallachBeth Capital and a long-time industry associate of Ms. Fuhr,  “Debbie is an industry icon, and her new focus on providing an independent perspective on the broad array of ETF products will undoubtedly prove to be a bonus for those keeping their fingers on the pulse of the ETF market place.”