andrew katz-matthew fraud Fintech Fraud; So-Called Crypto Trading Firm Makes Investor…

(Source: ) Andrew R. Katz, aka Ross Katz,  an Arvada, Colorado man who claims to be a former UBS equity research analyst and a former FX trader for EFG Bank, and now presents himself as co-founder of, a"digital asset infrastructure company", along with Seaquake CFO Matthew J. Krueger…Read More

24 October, 2019

MarketsMuse: This ETF Trading Expert Has This To Say… ETF update is pleased to share an informative perspective about best practices and “best execution” that institutional investment managers, RIAs and others should consider when using ETFs, courtesy of insight from one of the more widely respected members of ETF “agency-only” execution space. Here’s the excerpt of the…Read More

1 April, 2015

Global Macro View From the Perch of Saxo Group:…

MarketsMuse Global Macro update profiles perceived opportunities from the perch of Denmark’s Saxo Group Mads KoefoedIt and his view that interest rate increases probably won't happen during the second quarter, but the market will very likely be dominated by speculation on the likely timing of a US Fed interest rate…Read More

26 March, 2015

Survey Says: Retail Investors Need An ETF Education

MarketMuse update profiles a recent study done by Fidelity Investments and BlackRock, inc., have discovered a huge reason why retail investors are not comfortable investing in ETFs. The study which survey 1,000 individual investors and 250 advisors found that in order for retail investors to get on board the ETF…Read More

25 March, 2015