Market Mayhem: A Rare View From Global Macro Guru

One needs to have 'been there and seen that' for at least twenty years in order to have been "loaded for bear" in advance of this morning's equities market rout. At least one of the folks who MarketsMuse has profiled during the past many months meets that profile; and those…Read More

24 August, 2015

Into Africa: Exchanges To Cross-List Local ETFs

When investors think about ETFs, most are focused on the nearly 2000 products that trade within US markets and leading countries in the EU; few realize that Africa is no longer just a ‘Frontier Market’, and some go as far to argue that Africa (once again?) represents a burgeoning investment…Read More

18 August, 2015

Global Macro Think Tank Rate Hike Hedge: A Rareview…

Within the context of continuous guessing as to the outlook for a rate hike, and how to hedge fixed income portfolios accordingly, getting a strong fix on fixed income strategies has proven to be a challenge for a vast majority of professional investors during the past 24-26 months, many of…Read More

3 August, 2015

GlobalMacro Rare View: Fixed Income Market Flashing Recession Alert?

MarketsMuse Global Macro and Fixed Income desks converge to share extract from 23 July edition of Rareview Macro commentary via its newsletter "Sight Beyond Sight". For those not following the corporate bond market, most experts will tell you the equities markets follow the bond market--which in turn is a historical…Read More

24 July, 2015

FinTech Helps Power Bull Market For Unbundled Research

Disruptive Unbundlers, Securities Industry Untouchables, Fintech Aficionados and Innovative Altruists seek to level the investment research playing field, inspiring a bull market for independent research distribution channels, start-ups and disruptive schemes. Investment research and expert ideas, whether within the context of equities analysis or global macro perspective, has long been…Read More

16 July, 2015

Global Macro: Long/Short Hedge Funds Have Done Something Stupid

Now that InteractiveBrokers is turning up the heat and joining the "unbundling movement" by offering independent research via its world-class trading platform, MarketsMuse editors spotlighted the following comments courtesy of global macro sage Neil Azous, Founder/Managing Member of Rareview Macro LLC from today's IB feed..If you're a hedge fund-type, you…Read More

9 July, 2015

Its All Greek..A RareView View…

As the events in Greece escalate to a frenzy, global macro strategists are lining up to opine on what might happen as the EU and the world calculate the impact of a Grexit. MarketsMuse tapped into one of the industry's most thoughtful strategists and one who is notorious for having…Read More

29 June, 2015

Greece and The True Pain Trade-A Rare Global Macro…

The True Pain Trade in Yields and Euro…Not the Wall Street Pain Trade of Equities Greece, Grexit and the notorious ‘pain trade’ commentary below is courtesy of MarketsMuse’s extracted rendition of today’s above-titled edition of “Sight Beyond Sight”, the global macro commentary and investment insight newsletter published by Rareview Macro…Read More

22 June, 2015 June 17 Global Macro Conference Preview

In advance of the June 17 Global Macro Conference in NYC, is pleased to provide our readers with a teaser of what is expected to be one of this summer's best programs for investment managers, RIAs and Family Office practitioners who embrace the underlying approach and value proposition…Read More

11 June, 2015

Global Macro: Decomposing the Move in Yields-The Pendulum Swing

Decomposing the Move in Yields...Global Fixed Income Coming Closer to Decoupling from German Bunds MarketsMuse Global Macro and Fixed Income departments merge to provide insight courtesy of "Sight Beyond Sight", the must read published by global macro think tank Rareview Macro LLC. Below is the opening extract from 10 June…Read More

10 June, 2015

Fixed Income Fix: Fed Data and Wall Street’s Hadron…

Messing With Data aka When “Art” Smashes into “Science” in Wall Street’s Version of the Hadron Collider MarketsMuse Fixed Income update comes consequent to the Fed's June 5 release of Employment Data, and below is courtesy of extracted comments delivered to institutional clients of Mischler Financial Group under the banner…Read More

5 June, 2015

ETF Trade for Experts Only: Revert to the Mean:…

"What Goes Up, Must Come Down" MarketsMuse ETF update is courtesy of a special trade post sent this afternoon to subscribers of "Sight Beyond Sight", the global macro trade newsletter published by Rareview Macro LLC and authored by Neil Azous.  The trade alert was also posted to Twitter via @RareviewMacro.…Read More

4 June, 2015

Crude Oil-This Global Macro Trading Expert Says This About…

MarketsMuse Global Macro Trading dept. merges with our ETF dept. to provide the following excerpt profiling a compelling and conservative Crude Oil-centric strategy courtesy of global macro think tank Rareview Macro LLC. The following was posted to subscribers of “Sight Beyond Sight” on Wednesday, May 27. Irrespective of subsequent three…Read More

1 June, 2015

Boutique BrokerDealer Pays Homage To Veterans; Memorial Day Pledge…

MarketsMuse update is courtesy of a truly inspiring initiative on the part of Mischler Financial Group, the broker-dealer industry's oldest firm owned and operated by Wall Street vets who are also Service-Disabled Veterans. Mischler Financial Memorial Day Month Pledge: May Profits to Semper Fi Fund For Immediate Release Newport Beach,…Read More

13 May, 2015

Global Macro: Historical Backdrop re Yield Moves: Pre-Mature to…

MarketsMuse Global Macro update is courtesy of extract from a.m. edition of "Sight Beyond Sight", the newsletter published by global macro think tank Rareview Macro LLC and authored by Neil Azous. [caption id="attachment_2349" align="alignleft" width="150"] Neil Azous, Rareview Macro[/caption] In last Thursday’s edition of Sight Beyond Sight we argued that…Read More

12 May, 2015

Global Macro: Selloff and Noise Level Around European Fixed…

MarketsMuse Global Macro update is courtesy of opening extract from today's a.m. edition of "Sight Beyond Sight", the global macro newsletter published by global-macro think tank Rareview Macro LLC and authored by Neil Azous, Rareview Macro's Founder and Managing Member. [caption id="attachment_2349" align="alignleft" width="150"] Neil Azous, Rareview Macro[/caption] Forgive our…Read More

7 May, 2015

Global Macro: Is The Darling of EM Faltering?; How…

MarketsMuse ETF and Global Macro update takes a look at India for those following the two leading ETFs in the space, the $2.3 billion WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (EPI. C-73) and the $1.9 billion iShares MSCI India ETF (INDA. C-92), and introduces a global macro perspective that adds a different…Read More

6 May, 2015

Global Macro Trading: Why It’s Time to Stop Hating… Global Macro update necessarily touches on the hyperbole and couch quarterbacking connected to yesterday’s earnings announcement from Apple Inc ($AAPL), which included a big bump in planned corporate share buyback and increased dividend. Our editors were particularly entertained by below extract from today’s edition of global macro trading commentary…Read More

28 April, 2015