BlackRock Bulks Up in Europe: Expanding “ETP Education” Campaign

However much the use of ETF and ETP products in Euro-Land continues to grow,  Global ETF Issuer iShares knows that it can grow faster and bigger.

Consistent with parent company BlackRock Inc.’s focus on staying in front of the pack, and as reported by IndexUniverseEU staff, iShares has recently introduced a “due diligence tool” aimed at helping professional investors obtain granular information about its European exchange-traded products.

According to iShares’ head of EMEA sales, David Gardner, “Our new “Know Your ETP” tool offers a robust framework, and clear standardised processes by which institutional investors can arrive an informed decision more effectively.”

On an objective note, ETF industry veteran Mike McCoy, a senior member of ETF liquidity aggregator WallachBeth Capital, who recently landed on the docks of London to help launch his firm’s new Euro ETF execution desk (in joint-venture with UK-based brokerage NSBO), said, “BlackRock certainly knows that the ‘educating your customer rule’ is integral to the evolution of ETF embracement. As quickly as the market is growing, its critical to maintain the education momentum with the spectrum of investors, however sophisticated they might be.”

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