Bitcoin: Debunking the Myths

tabb forum logoCourtesy of TABB Contributor Nicholas Colas, ConvergEx Group

In the rush to understand what bitcoin is – and isn’t – the public discussion on the topic has gotten a bit muddy. Here are 11 bitcoin myths and the reality under the hype and confusion.

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Haters gonna hate, but the “Bitcoin bubble” meme has become the financial equivalent of a viral online cat video – wildly popular but pretty vacuous. Today we separate fact from fiction and review 11 bitcoin myths.

Myth #1: Bitcoin is huge

Myth #2: Bitcoin is a major problem in dealing with drugs and terrorism

Myth #3: Bitcoin is a currency. Reality: Bitcoin really is a cross between a mutually held company or large partnership and a money transfer business.

Myth #4: Bitcoin has never been more volatile than now, with all the attention it is getting.

Myth #6: Bitcoin is a store of value.

Myth #7: Bitcoin is untraceable.

Myth #8: Loss of anonymity will make bitcoin worthless.

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